Travelling for hours on your feet or in a seat that is really uncomfortable can lead to fatigue and future problems with your body. In Barcos.Online the comfort and safety of our customers always comes first, so we want to offer and present the nautical seat regular comfort.

This nautical furniture has a truly unique design. Its blue and white lines will capture the attention of your travelers and, if that were not enough, will give a touch of innovation and difference to your boat.

The regular nautical comfort seat is individual and measures only 100 x 48 x 8 cm. It weighs only 3 kilograms, so you can place it in any space you have available on your boat.

Its main feature, in addition to the unique design of two perfect colors for a boat, is that its material is completely waterproof. In Barcos Online we know very well how difficult it can be to wash or remove stains from nautical seats, however, this problem is completely forgotten with the regular comfort seat.

This seat is floating and watertight. Its material is grey, non-slip polyester, so you won’t have to worry about food or liquids falling on it.

It is completely reinforced to avoid any kind of breakage or cut and is moldable. With it you will achieve nothing more and nothing less than 6 positions. Use it vertically or horizontally, it’s up to you!

When you buy the regular comfort nautical seat, in blue and white, you will also get a carrying bag. This means you can move it to the place of your choice or, in any case, protect it from being damaged by any external agent.

Currently you can take this excellent nautical seat for the modest price of 160 euros. What are you waiting for? In Barcos Online we offer you the possibility to buy it through our website.

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