Vanquish VQ52 for rent

If you are looking for an exciting and fast adventure on the high seas, you should know that the Vanquish VQ52 boat model will be without a doubt your best option for that ideal trip, all thanks to its habitability and its great propulsion engine for speed.

This boat is available through the digital portal of Barracuda Ibiza Charter where you can find all the information about this boat, as well as the requirements that must be filled out for its rental.

Remember that you can also contact the website administrators through their corresponding social networks, these are Facebook and Instagram, where they usually actively upload new and fresh content all the time. 

Features of Vanquish VQ52 

This model has been praised by critics as a great upgrade for VQ style boats, due to different factors such as having an incredibly interesting design that combines Dutch craftsmanship with the bold exterior of the famous designers Guido de Groot.

It is a semi-open-top boat that has excellent maneuverability and speed, in addition, it comes integrated with a Seakkepper stabilization system to improve the comfort of this vehicle.

All this with a pair of motors model Cummins 600 that allows him to cross 45 knots in one hour, with a gasoline consumption that can vary between 140 and 200 liters approximately. 

It is considered as very recommendable for all the activities that you want to realize with your acquaintances, friends and family thanks to the own characteristics of this model that have a space available for up to 18 persons at the most.

What can the Vanquish VQ52 Ibiza Charter Barracuda offer you?

This model has several cabins and rooms distributed along the bottom of the boat to change clothes or sleep in the comfortable beds, apart from having a kitchen, luxury bathrooms and ample storage space to put the luggage that is taken.

The following luxuries are included in the day charter package of this boat: standard equipment, crew for handling, insurance against risks, beds and towels. 

All this for a price that can vary depending on the season if it is low is 3,450 euros, in the average 3,800 euros and is the high for about 3.95 euros.

Within this same, not included are expenses such as gasoline and parking in other ports that are not affiliated with Ibiza Charter Barracuda.

So, you already know everything that the Vanquish VQ52 boat model can offer you, with which you will make your experience at sea completely unique and unrepeatable.

In addition, if you are interested in buying or renting this particular watercraft, please contact the sellers through Whatsapp with the phone number +34 649 633 299 or you can also send an email to [email protected] specifying the reason for it.

But keep in mind that you also have the possibility to visit the store directly for Boat and Yacht Rentals Ibiza located at Av. 8 de Agosto, 07800 Ibiza.

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