The lighting product called Faro Pirata Led 12V 60W Joystick, is a remote-controlled lighthouse specially designed for nautical vehicles in order to illuminate with extreme clarity at night by means of sailing in the open sea, this lighthouse is placed on the deck and is controlled by remote control specially used by nautical vehicles for the location of buoys, moorings, among others, in the rainiest or darkest nights while crossing the sea.

This lighthouse is made of thermoplastic materials, has a white color, with a rotation of three hundred and sixty degrees horizontally and a height of seventy five degrees, this wonderful product is brought to us by the website of online sales of different products, accessories and spare parts Barco Online, which contains a varied catalog with different models of nautical spotlights at prices really accessible to the public.

The product Faro Pirata Led 12V 60W Joystick belonging to the section of nautical spotlights, are valuable optical elements which are designed to project a clear and strong light towards a specific objective in the darkness of the night, mostly used by nautical vehicles that leave sailing at night to avoid colliding with rocks or to locate ports in the deep darkness of the sea at night.

Different light-emitting diodes used by nautical spotlights

At present there is a vast variety and forms of lighting diodes used by different nautical headlights, which differ by their power level, the lifetime that can be used and the type of structure it has, some of these are:

Led of luminous wire: this powerful led is used for inspection tasks, has a useful life of two to three years, with a size of three comma five to ten millimeters, its negative and positive poles are insulated with plastic coating of the highest quality, producing a strong light depending on the lens by which it is exposed.

Led SuperFlux: has more power than the version of Led mentioned above, this is characterized by having a wider field of lighting which makes them very used when illuminating rocky surfaces, because the lighting it emits is perfect for showing all aspects of rocky surfaces that may be near the boat, with a useful life of four to five years is characterized as one of the best light sources among the different models of Leds.

Led SMD: these are characterized by having very well welded contacts of the best material, with four chips that component, these contacts are welded directly to the guide plate allowing the lighting they generate to be more intense than the others, thus achieving a very clear lighting which differentiates any objective that is located in the sea while sailing.

In summary, the Led 12V 60W Joystick Pirate Lighthouse is an extremely important tool for all boats, ships, boats, yachts, sailboats, among other nautical vehicles for lighting targets in the dark of the night, which helps prevent possible accidents at sea, an investment that is necessary according to maritime navigation laws.

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